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The art of acquiring real estate: Knowing investor Gordon Tang’s work!

Known as one of the prolific names in Singapore real estate industry, Mr. Gordon Tang has come a long way. Gordon Tang and his wife Mrs. Celine Tang acquired a controlling interest in SingHaiyi Group in 2012, which got them the limelight that they deserved. The Tangs were always interested in real estate and had individual investments in Singapore. With the SingHaiyi Group, they plan to go ahead with global plans. While Mr. Tang is a non-executive director, he has been a driving force via his stake through holding company, Haiyi Holdings. He plans to expand the group in different parts of the world, and SingHaiyi has acquired considerable assets in the US, Malaysia and Singapore. It also completed a 500+ condo project in Sengkang recently and plans a similar one in the US, at a freehold site acquired at San Francisco Bay, California.

Mr. Tang also likes to don other hats and serves as the Vice President of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia. He is also an advisor to Windsurfing Association of Singapore. His real estate interests are extremely diverse, and SingHaiyi has been planning to expand in Europe and Australia, looking for the right exposure in different markets.

Reviewing The Work Of Investor Mr. Gordon Tang

Mr. Gordon Tang is a prolific investor and a Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi group. With his wife Mrs. Celine Tang, Gordon Tang has initiated and successfully run many businesses. Back in 1995, he started Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd in Singapore, which focused on corporate and financial investments besides international trade. He also started Haiyi in 2003. He is also partners with Neil Bush in SingHaiyi group and has been focusing on real estate development, property management and enhancement of real estate assets in Asia and the US. SingHaiyi group has many projects under its belt, like 517-unit executive condo projected called The Vales in Sengkang.

Mr. Tang and Mr. Bush are also associated for Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which owns and manages many hotels in the US. Mr. Tang’s business acumen can be easily judged by the success of his ventures, and along with work, he also serves as the honorary chairman of Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan and as the Vice President of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia. Mr. Tang also holds 7.68% of OUE C-REIT. To know more on the work and profile of Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang, please check the company website of SingHaiyi group.

Revaluating The Potential Of Real Estate: How Gordon Tang Is Doing It?

Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi group Mr. Gordon Tang is known for his business acumen. Mr. Tang saw the potential in real estate when he first started Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd in 1995. He further came up with the Haiyi brand in 2003, and today, Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which is managed by him, his wife and Neil Bush, owns and manages many hotels under the same brand. SingHaiyi group launched one of its first development projects in 2015 – 517-unit executive condo project in Sengkang called The Vales, which was an instant success, thanks to Mr. Tang’s experience and vision.

Today, Gordan Tang is acquiring projects and properties in the US through the SingHaiyi group, which has also helped the local real estate market. SingHaiyi paid $29.8 million towards an outstanding loan to acquire the 20-acre San Jose commercial condominium project called “Vietnam Town”. Mr. Tang believes that the real estate investments can recover returns, and with strong partnerships in Asia, he wishes to expand the base of the group in other regions. He also aims to promote the interests of APIC and invest further into commercial real estate. To know more on him, please refer to the group’s website.

Singapore-based business tycoon Gordon Tang revisions real estate

For many, Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang, who is based out of Singapore, is a regular developer with an interest in real estate. However, taking a look at his profile, it is easy to understand how Gordon Tang and his wife Mrs. Celine Tang has found immense success, not just in Singapore, but also in the US, China, and Malaysia. Mr. Tang started off with his own investments, and the couple has many assets in the US, before they actually acquired a stake in SingHaiyi group, which now they manage with Mr. Neil Bush and others. With Mr. Bush, who happens to be the brother of former US president George Bush, Tangs as a long collaboration through partnership in Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC).

Under Mr. Tang’s expert guidance, the SingHaiyi group is focusing on overseas investments and acquisitions, with the key intention of exploring the group’s strong presence as an offshore but potent developer. Mr. Tang believes that real estate can be revived, as long as the investments are done right, and SingHaiyi group has already completed commendable deals, including a condo project called the Vales in Singapore. Certainly, real estate slump can be used for assured long-term profits.

Business tycoon Gordon Tang revamps international real estate investments!

Not many entrepreneurs and real estate investors can claim to have a prolific profile as Gordon Tang. This Chinese investor and his wife are associated with Singapore-listed SingHaiyi group as Non-Executive Director and Group Managing Director respectively. Despite being seen as an off-shore developer and investor, SingHaiyi group has managed to acquire many assets in the US and is looking at Australian and European market, under the advice and guidance of. He continues to focus on real estate assets that haven’t been performing well, with the Gordon Tang intention of acquiring them for further development. The group has been responsible for many acquisitions, including 5 Thomas Mellon Circle in San Francisco Bay, California and Tri-County Mall in Greater Cincinnati.

Mr. Tang also has other interests and serves as the Vice President of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia. Additionally, he is an advisor to Windsurfing Association of Singapore. With his wife, Mr. Tang expects to expand the real estate wings in almost every continent, and in that regard, SingHaiyi group has already found exposure in Australia by acquiring 9% in Cromwell Property Group. SingHaiyi group’s project The Vales – a 500+ unit executive condo project in Sengkang, has been highly successful too.

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