For many, Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang, who is based out of Singapore, is a regular developer with an interest in real estate. However, taking a look at his profile, it is easy to understand how Gordon Tang and his wife Mrs. Celine Tang has found immense success, not just in Singapore, but also in the US, China, and Malaysia. Mr. Tang started off with his own investments, and the couple has many assets in the US, before they actually acquired a stake in SingHaiyi group, which now they manage with Mr. Neil Bush and others. With Mr. Bush, who happens to be the brother of former US president George Bush, Tangs as a long collaboration through partnership in Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC).

Under Mr. Tang’s expert guidance, the SingHaiyi group is focusing on overseas investments and acquisitions, with the key intention of exploring the group’s strong presence as an offshore but potent developer. Mr. Tang believes that real estate can be revived, as long as the investments are done right, and SingHaiyi group has already completed commendable deals, including a condo project called the Vales in Singapore. Certainly, real estate slump can be used for assured long-term profits.